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TikTok Breaks Silence Over Its Ban in India

| Published on April 18, 2019

Following the order to ban the app in India, TikTok finally breaks its silence in a Facebook post referring to its India audience and shares how it’s existing users can still enjoy the app while they’re working out ways to deal with this situation in the needful manner.

TikTok has been taken down from the Apple App store and Google Play Store as per the order sent out by the government. The popular Chinese app was banned on the grounds of encouraging inappropriate content and polluting the youngsters in the country. 

TikTok who has an Indian user base of 0.5 million on its platform is very much aware of the set back of this ban and as per their recent post on Facebook they have ensured people that they are doing their best to work their way around so people can continue to showcase their talent and enjoy the app. 

So for all the TikTok lovers, there’s still hope that your favourite app might soon make a comeback and that too with a bang! 

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