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Tiger Balm Wished Independence Day 2018 in The Most Creative Way

| Published on August 16, 2018

Independence Day is something that unites the nation. No matter what religion we follow or what region we belong to, such national occasions fills us with a feeling of patriotism. Brands are quite aware of the fact that people spend more time on social media during such days and they always try to come up with something that people can relate to. Look how TigerBalm gave its message in a simple and effective manner:

Painless body is something that we all desire for, with pain one can not the enjoy anything. Even the material comforts will give no pleasure if we have pain. TigerBalm expressed that the first step to freedom is having a body without any sorts of pain. We found the text ‘BRITAIN SE TO AAZADI MIL GAYI, AB NECK & SHOULDER PAIN SE BHI AAZADI PAO’ very witty as it sums up the irony of the devolpment India has seen in past few years. We are free from Britain but other problems are ruling us now. We have become machine dependent for every task and products like TigerBalm act like a life savior to get rid of the pain in neck and shoulder.

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The increase in usage of smartphones has given a lot of cons to the society, one of them is the pain we get after sitting for long hours in front or our phones and computers. This change in lifestyle has given a lot of pressure on our neck and shoulder. Even teenagers are getting such issues. One tends to cope with little pain by stretching but sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and the need of products like TigerBalm comes into play.

In short, we believe such ads spread right message in the right manner using moment marketing to its full impact. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us kow in the comments section.

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