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With #ThodaAurKhayaal, Edelweiss Tokio Life Wants You To Be More Careful Of Life Uncertainties

| Published on February 14, 2019

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance has been a reliable name in the insurance sector for many years now. It is a joint venture between the Edelweiss Group and Tokio Marine Holdings. Edelweiss Tokio Life has always brought in ads and campaigns that are grounded in reality and resonate well with people. Just recently they launched yet another campaign to promote their new term product called Zindagi Plus.

Zindagi Plus

About Zindagi Plus

Zindagi Plus is a term insurance plan that offers an optional Better Half Benefit that enables the policyholder to provide a life cover to their spouse at a nominal cost. In other words, in case of policyholder’s death, the insurer pays their dependents the death benefit and additionally extends a 50% cover to the spouse without any future premium requirements.

The Campaign

Both the ads carry relatable stories based on a family dynamic – parents and a child. The films use humour, a clear deviation from the usual morose and depressive tonality of life insurance ads.

The first film shows a son standing high up on ladder pretending to be a superhero ready to jump, but he is afraid and reluctant. His dad encourages him and gives him the faith to jump with a promise to catch him when he jumps. But as the boy jumps, father gets distracted and loses his nerve; he is almost scared himself that the boy will fall down when the mother steps in like a hero and catches the boy in her arms.

The second film shows a daughter learning to cycle with the help of her father. She pleads with her father to not let go of the cycle. In the process, the father fumbles on a coconut and falls down. As his daughter is about to fall from the cycle, the mother steps in to hold up like the bike and saves the kid from falling in the nick of time.

Brand Message

The films effectively capture what typically happens in a household after an individual passes away; the spouse has to hold down the fort and ensure the stability of the household. In such an unpredictable state of events, insurance becomes the last priority for the spouse and is likely to remain unprotected for the rest of their life.
With #ThodaAurKhayal, the insurer encourages the audience to be extra careful about such uncertainties of life. This product with the option of better half benefit is built keeping in mind both husband and wife and ensures their protection. Since it accounts for such an incidence, the cost-effectiveness of the plan kicks in from day 1 and certainly cannot be ignored.

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