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This Witty Tweet From A Customer Regarding Unfair Cancellation Charges Made Ola Reply

| Published on October 26, 2017

Ola and Uber have become a part of life in the big cities. Customers are getting great benefits but still, there are some issues that need to be solved. If you are tired of cab cancellation charges for the rides on Ola and Uber we have a solution for you. This man from Gurugram complained about this issue in a very funny way and got noticed by Ola.
On October 21 a guy named Abhishek Asthana booked an Ola ride for himself and his brother, the driver of Ola cabs canceled the ride and he had to pay that money.
He used his twitter account to raise his voice about this incident. This is what he wrote

“Yesterday, Ola charged cancellation fee even when the Driver denied duty, it’s like u ask “Samosa hai?”

Shopkeeper says “No” & takes 10 Rs”
Ola didn’t ignored this and replied in a very nice way

“Charges reversed and sorry for the trouble. Now, where do we send the samosas?”
Ola made sure that they actually send samosas to show how much they care about their customers.

This story is a great example of working for the customer satisfaction more than anything else. Do let us know about your views regarding this incident.

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