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This Underwear Company Is Offering $500 To Chill In Underwear For 5 Hours

| Published on October 14, 2020

  • A Dutch underwear company is offering $500 to lounge around in underwear.
  • The Job is limited to US citizens and requires one to be lazy like anything.
  • There will be a contest conducted, the winner of which will get the job.

In today’s day and time, it has become really difficult to find a job where you can just relax. Yes! you read that right. Don’t you sometimes wish that someone paid you to do just nothing?

Well, I know a few people who would be happy to find such a job. And today we bring you just that. Apparently, the Dutch underwear brand ‘Pockies‘ is offering money for people to try on their underwear.

The brand is willing to pay $500 to the selected candidate for a job to wear their underwear and just sit and lounge on a couch for five hours. After the five-hour duration, you will have to fill up a questionnaire and describe your experience in detail.

The job may seem easy but the company has laid out extensive criteria for the selection process. So as per the job description shared by the Pockies on their website, the brand is looking for someone who has “no ambition whatsoever, lacks initiative, and has two buttcheeks.” Pretty straightforward I think.

Along with the money, the Dutch brand will also be offering plenty of snacks for the chosen candidate to just sit and try on their underwear.

The job may seem very attractive but unfortunately, not everyone can apply for the position. The Dutch brand is offering the job to enthusiastic Americans who are 18 and above. Interested candidates can apply through the website by filling out a form.

Once you receive a confirmation email, you need to share the same on your Instagram stories tagging Pockies. There will be a contest conducted and the winner will get the job.

With this campaign, Pockies is trying to understand the American point of view regarding comfort and relaxation. The brand is looking for the laziest applicants to come forward and apply for the job.

Pockies is an Amsterdam based start-up, founded by college friends Karel Bosman, Michiel Dicker, Rob ten Hoove. The trio came up with the idea of introducing pockets in boxers and the rest is history. Today, Pockies loungewear has become pretty popular amongst celebrities.

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