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This Uber Driver Has Created A Special Service Menu For His Riders

| Published on July 20, 2019

An Uber driver in Fairbanks, Alaska took marketing to another well when he made a ride menu for his passengers offering services other than the ride. 

The hilarious list of services on the ride menu includes “The Road rage ride” where the driver will complain about other cars on the road, “The Simon and Garfunkel Ride” which is a no talking trip which has its name drawn from the band’s hit song “The sounds of silence”, “The Life Lessons Ride” where the driver will share his piece of advice, “The Analysts Ride” where he lends a sympathetic ear to riders who need to vent out. 

If only that was not enough the menu consists of other options like “The Informative Ride” where you can learn all about Alaska from him and “The Me Ride” where you can learn all about the driver.

By choosing “The Restaurant Ride” you can learn about best places to eat at in the city. The driver additionally offers “The Political Ride” for someone who is up a healthy debate or maybe even a new point of view. 

On top of the variety of menu items, the driver also offers to take his riders’ photos, citing that a “course in photography” has given him a “solid foundation for snapping good pictures.”

Posted by a Reddit user named “That1Girl”, the post immediately went viral. She also shared that the driver was a Vietnam veteran Jeffery who was driving to help fund his retirement. She also added that his car was well maintained and was indeed spotless. 

“It was clear he took his job seriously and wanted everyone to have a pleasant ride,” she wrote in a comment on the original post. “10/10 wholesome.”

“If you find yourself in Fairbanks, try to catch a ride from him, and ask him about his famous monkey story.’” She wrote

“That1Girrl” told INSIDER that she was “overwhelmed by the response” her post of the Uber menu has since received on Reddit. The post currently has 118,000 upvotes, and Redditors are clearly loving it.

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