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This Tiny Tea Stall In Kolkata Is Selling Tea For Rs 1000 A Cup

| Published on March 1, 2021

We Indians have always been obsessed with our love for chai. While there are some who would argue that coffee is better, the fact is that ‘Chai’ holds a special place in our hearts. Love and obsession aside, tell us how much would you pay for a cutting?

Unlike any other tea shop we know, Nirjas, a tiny tea stall in Mukundapur, Kolkata, serves its best cuppa at the price of Rs 1000. If it was a five-star restaurant with the ambiance that would justify the price to some extent it wouldn’t have been newsworthy.

Nirjas is only a tiny tea stall with an umbrella as its roof and some plastic chairs. Not the setup you would expect for coffee to cost so expensive. But trust us, the coffee they serve is worth every penny.

This small tea stall serves around 115 varieties of unique teas each made with tea leaves sourced from around the world. These include Japan’s special ‘Silver needle white tea’, which is the most expensive amongst the lot and sells at Rs 2.8 lakh per kg. Other than that there is also ‘Bo-Lay’ tea which is sold anywhere between Rs 50,000 to 32 lakh per Kg.

Other slightly less expensive varieties include Chamomile tea (Rs 14,000/kg), Hibiscus tea (Rs 7,500/kg) Roobios tea (Rs 20,000/kg), Okayti Tea (Rs 32,000/kg), Lavender tea (Rs 16,000/kg), Bai Mudan tea (Rs 20,000/kg). Others such as Yerba tea and Mudan tea start from Rs 14/kg and can go up to over 20,000 reported News18.

Parthapratim Ganguly shared that they sell other variants like chocolate tea, white tea, Maize tea, Blue tea, and a variety of other teas.

When asked about the footfall at his tea stall, Gangula said, “100 out of 1000 people who pass my shop are bound to stop here and grab a cup. Those who come for the first time will come back only to taste the tea.”

The shop also sells tea leaves and powder to its customers who want to enjoy the flavors at the comfort of their homes.

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