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This Tea Stall In Gujarat Has Become A Tourist Spot. See Why

| Published on September 4, 2019

Known for it’s tourism the state of Gujarat is all set to add another tourist spot to its existing list of attractions and this time it’s a tea stall. 

Yes! A tea stall located at Vadnagar railway station in Gujarat will soon be turned into a tourist spot. What makes the spot special is its relation with Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi who used to sell tea there during his childhood days. 

BJP minister, Prahlad Singh who is also the Minister of State for Culture and Tourism recently visited the spot and decided that they shall maintain the essence of the tea stall after converting it into a tourist spot.

In oder to preserve its authentic essence the tea stall will be protected by cover glass covers. Singh has also ensured that there will be no changes in the form or the condition of the tea stall.

Once a “Chaiwala” and now the “Prime Minster of India”, Modi has never been ashamed of his origins intact has always embraced it with utmost dignity and respect. 

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