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This Tea Shop Is Serving Tea In Edible Chocolate Flavoured Cups

| Published on July 22, 2020

With the increased concern around climate change & global warming, many companies and shifting towards sustainable means of development & manufacturing. Irrespective of the business size, business owners are making sure they contribute to bringing the change and conserving the environment as much as possible. And cutting on plastic and plastic lead waste has been the top priority overall.

Serving as a great example, a tea stall in Madurai has adopted a creative way to cut back on plastic use. The RS Pathy Nilgiri tea kiosk on Mudurai’s West Masi Street doesn’t only specialize in their own brand of tea but have been serving it in inedible, chocolate-flavored biscuit cups.

Madurai Tea Kiosk Sells Tea In Edible Cups

Taking the concept of having ‘chai-biscuit’ to the next level in every sense.

The concept was introduced earlier in June and has been seeing a great footfall ever since. The locals are pretty impressed by the new idea and rightfully so. The shop has been selling almost 500 cups of tea a day since its launch.

As reported by The Hindu, Vivek Sabaapathy, a fourth-generation member of the business family, was the one who came up with the idea of an ‘edible cup’. Though the idea may be new for a tea stall in the city, there have been many mil shake venders in various other cites who have already started using these edible containers.

Take a bite out of your teacup at this Madurai kiosk - The Hindu

The cup tastes similar to that of an ice cream cone and a chocolate biscuit. Each cup holds 60ml of hot tea for about roughly 10 minutes which is suggested as the average time people take to finish their tea. By the end of it, the cup turns soggy on the inside and has that very familiar taste of a biscuit dipped in tea.

Edco India is the company behind these famous edible cups and is becoming pretty popular amongst local vendors. In a statement given to the Hindu, Rohan Pamnani, MD of Edco India stated that they are the only company in India that manufactures these edible cups.

With the growing concern around cutting down on plastic waste, this idea may just be the need of the hour.

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