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Eating This Samosa Could Make You Win Rs 50,000. Food Blogger’s Video Goes Viral

| Published on November 2, 2022

Indians and their love for samosa is a never ending story. Be it a Sunday morning breakfast with family or an evening chai-time snack with colleagues, a piping hot samosa is always go to snack for us. We relish eating the potato stuffed crispy snack and eating a samosa or two is no big deal for us.

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But what if we tell you that eating one samosa could make you win a cash prize of Rs 50,000? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, here’s the twist.

A massive samosa that weighs almost 8 kilograms

Bahubali Samosa

The samosa that we are talking about here is not the ordinary samosa that could easily fit on your palm. This particular samosa is a gigantic samosa which weighs almost 8 kilograms and is prepared by a sweet shop in Meerut city called Kaushal Sweets. The sweet shop has come up with an interesting way to promote their shop. They have challenged the locals to eat this samosa which they have named as ‘Bahubali Samosa’ in 30 minutes and if a person manages to do so, he will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 50,000.

The price of this samosa is Rs 1100 and it is said that it will take upto 30 people to finish this one samosa. However, if one person can finish eating this samosa within 30 minutes the sweet shop will happily reward him with Rs 50,000.

Food Blogger’s video goes viral, Industrialist Harsh Goenka reacts

Chahat Anand with Bahubali Samosa

A food blogger named Chahat Anand first posted a video of this massive samosa on October 7 on her Instagram handle. In this video Chahat is seen inside Kaushal Sweets, holding the Bahubali Samosa and even cutting a slice from it. As soon as the video was shared it became viral and netizens went gaga over the abruptly huge samosa.

Industrialist Harsh Goenka also found the video to be very intriguing and re-shared it on his Twitter handle with a funny caption that said, “After all the Diwali sweets, my wife has told me to eat not more than one samosa today.”

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