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This Startup May Help If You Are A Victim of Hiked Prices Of Ola & Uber!

| Published on May 4, 2019

Have you often been late to watch your favourite TV show in the evenings after work? How often do you leave hours before your reporting time to work just to find transport?

Well, we’ve all had those days and still do. Every job starts at least an hour before it legally should and ends an hour after. We wait around for an Ola or an Uber, hope for a strong network to book the same or curse when we see price hikes during bad weather or busy timings. Then, we walk around to find buses, autos or rickshaws, all to be drenched in sweat for an early morning meeting. Let’s not even go through the daily travel struggles in crowded cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. Why go through all this trouble when all you want to do is your job? Like your actual professional job?

One company, one company understood all of these problems of the common Indian. MoveInSync is willing to provide a safe and readily available, easy to use commute system for daily office goers as per their convenience.

About MoveInSync

Founded in 2009, the company is legally called MoveInSync Technology Solutions and has Deepesh Agarwal as it’s CEO. It’s initial work includes providing transportation solution using a SaaS platform. SaaS here means a Software as a service platform that would help the company do its job.

Now, it also manages an end-to-end transportation system. Moreover, it now manages around 1100 cabs under its fleet management setup. The company has clients like Google which directly provide transportation facilities for their employees. It handles transportation of around 300000 employees daily in around 19 cities already, on an average. Not only India, with raised funds of around $12 million, but the company also has market presence in Sri Lanka and is hoping to expand to Africa and Latin America.

What is the new plan of action?

The company, which only targeted corporate clients that provided transport utilities for its employees, now has plans to go one step further. It plans to Target that working population that does not receive any corporate transport facilities and struggles daily to go back home. This would be its third business in India. The company which has been existing for almost a century now believes that it has the experience and the knowledge to implement this plan, which has developed over these past years.

The Test runs!

It is already running tests in locations in Bengaluru, specifically areas with highly crowded IT industries. The goal is to be a cost-effective and comfortable service, especially during hours when Ola and Uber are unavailable or price hiked. CEO, Deepesh Agarwal plans to have minimal price hikes and prices lower than a normal Individual taxi hire. The pool cab service would also have a system in place to provide a commission to drivers and work in their favor to give an incentive to then.

The focus of MoveInSync would still be only towards office goers and it has no intentions to be in direct competition to companies like Ola and Uber that are the saviors of Indians throughout the day. Most office goers are cheering this move and hope that it the test run turns into a success and it spreads to various cities of the country.

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