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1 minutes read

This Resignation Letter From A 22-Year-Old Is Going Viral

| Published on July 2, 2019

Working with a corporate can become mundane after a while. People have become more creative to keep the mundanity at bay. Even the HR department comes up with weekly/monthly/quarterly events to keep employee enthusiasm to the fullest.

Anyone who has worked in corporate has received those beautifully crafted emails from HR Dept. Those emails may or may not succeed to make your work life bearable. But it may still not be enough to retain you. So why not make your resignation a bit dramatic? This is what came in the mind of Sam Baines, 22, who was planning to serve his notice to his boss.

Having fun and lively work atmosphere Sam decided to leave the firm with a final good laugh. So when he presented his notice in a condolence card his colleague Hannah posted the joke on Twitter. Twitterati’s have ever since been sharing their resignation experience.

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