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This Quora Answer Explains Why Rolls Royce & Bentley Do Not Advertise

| Published on August 31, 2019

While many treat marketing as an expense, others consider it as a great deed of an investment for the success of their company.

Where brands are now more than ever seen indulging in marketing activities in order to fight off the growing competition and present market conditions brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley are nowhere to be found in the marketing world.

So when curiosity took over we to Google to find a valid reason for why luxury brands Rolls Royce and Bentley do not advertise we came across an apt reply from a Quora user. 

According to the Quora user Mubbin Maajoo one of the reasons why brands like these do not indulge in advertising is because they are well aware that their audience is not behind the television screens watching wasting time watching programs.

He further added that brands such as these have an aura of exclusiveness and luxury when only a handful get to own them. He also wrote that cars such as these are capable of generating demand of their own and that their brand identity is linked to a status of achievement and success.

Maajoo also pointed out that the marketing strategy of brands like such would be more focused toward specific high net worth individuals and rarely towards the masses and that those who can afford it would be in knee-deep thought about their multi-crore projects or sitting in the seat of an equally luxurious cars instead of staring out of the windows.

We get you brother and true words like these have never been spoken!

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