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This Pune Family Runs On Solar Energy And Pays Only Rs. 70/Month For Electricity

| Published on February 19, 2021

Luck is a constant. However, some people seem to stumble across it midway and have a life changing experience that not only benefits them but also the community they live. This happens to be the case for Pune based Abhishek Mane who left his job with the Ministry of Defense in 2004.

As every dreamer, he wanted to start a business of his own. Since solar energy had just started becoming the hype back then, he went ahead and decided to invest in solar panels to harness energy. By launching Deeva Solar Panel Solutions, Abhishek went a step further in helping his family and other residences and commercial spaces utilise the power of a renewable source.

How did Solar Energy help Abhishek at home?

Solar Energy is a cost effective alternative to every form of energy. Apart from starting a business with the same, Mane decided to install these solar panels at his home. This helped him save greatly on his monthly electrical consumption. From paying hefty bills to just paying around Rs. 70/month, Mane’s family was definitely benefitted.

Building a business was a great task for him. However, he also decided to make himself and his family members believe in the power of solar energy. By slowing coaxing them to make the shift, he could help them change to solar energy gradually. Mane recalls that the behavioural changes were quite slow in the beginning. However, it has helped him and his family live a better quality of life in comparison to how they lived previously, by spending nearly Rs. 5000/month on electricity alone.

Around 10 panels of 250 kws each were installed to generate 2.5KW of energy on a daily basis. By 2019, he was able to install advanced panels that helped him generate 7KW of energy regularly.

What do you think about this makeshift belief? Would you also be willing to make the shift from normal electricity to solar energy?

Source: The Bettter India

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