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This Pop Up Store Is Offering ‘Plastic Polution’ For SALE

| Published on October 23, 2020

As a new form of art, this exhibition in New York displayed ‘Plastic Pollution’ for sale. Confused, are you not? So were we when we realized the genius behind this idea. Plastics harm the environment and are strictly forbidden to be used for daily purposes. However, it being a cheap and readily available material, most households and industries use plastics including bags and bottles, that get discarded very easily. So what is this exhibition about?


Created by Brooklyn artist, Robin Frohardt, this plastic exhibition called The Plastic Bag Store displays products made of plastic on its shelves. There are various puppets and shadow games that give the viewers an insight into a three-dimensional world. Since October 19th, plastic bags have been prohibited in most stores in New York. Through this exhibition, Frohardt tries to raise awareness about the harm plastics cause on a daily basis as viewers also get to watch a short film on the destruction caused by plastics to the world.

He has arranged the products on his shelves in such a way that they bring out the humour and satire on daily things that we commonly use and waste. Take a cue from this picture below.

Frohardt wants you to take a step back and evaluate how these packaging solutions mostly made out of plastic affect the world. For most of us, we do not even know which forms of plastic get wasted every day. Through this ‘store’ of a kind in the middle of NYC, visitors have a chance to see how a grocery store of sorts operates and the kind of plastic used can be accessed through the same. The store is indeed a smart take on plastics.

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Source: India Times

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