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This NIFT Student’s Photoshoot During Patna Floods Is Grabbing Right Kind Of Attention

| Published on October 2, 2019

Candid Patna situation! 

While the city of Patna continues to reel under serious flood situation, a student from NIFT is making waves on social media for her unconventional way of grabbing people’s attention to the current situation of the city. 

Aditi Singh, a student from NIFT grabbed all the possible eyeballs on social media after her pictures from of a recent photoshoot went viral. Titled as ‘Mermaid in Disaster’ the photos showed her posing in the middle of a flooded Patna road with cars stuck and trees falling. 

While the photoshoot was done to create awareness around the current situation in the state they garnered a lot of negative attention on Twitter and Instagram where people asked them to help those in need instead of getting pictures clicked, some were even offended by the images.

However, Saurav Anuraj the photographer later clarified the purpose of the shoot in a Facebook post which clearly stated that it was done to create awareness around the serious flood situation in Bihar. 

“The intent behind the shoot was to draw public attention towards the floods of Bihar. When there are floods in other states, people from all over the country come forward to help. There isn’t much mention of the floods in Bihar, in both national and international media. If you share a normal picture of a flood on social media, people see it, comment ‘So Sad’ and move on. I wanted people to stop and look at the pictures, so I did a photo shoot,” the post read. 

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