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This Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Is Giving Serious Shepreneur Goals

| Published on August 7, 2019

A lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur by choice Krishna Tamalia Vora, founder of Mom’s therapy is Shenprenuer goals. One of the winners of Inorbit Pink Power 2018 she is identified as one of the 10 promising women entrepreneurs.

Here are the three lessons from her entrepreneur journey 

1. Ditch Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones do no good! With so much to explore and learn it is good to break free and ditch your comfort zones. 

Sharing more about her entrepreneur journey and her decision of coming our her comfort zone Vora said, “I am a lawyer by profession which was a very satisfying profession. However, thanks to my wonderful family, I have been encouraged to step out of the traditional walls of the Indian society and explore my entrepreneurial skills. Once I stepped out of this cultural comfort zone, I became a Director and a Legal Advisor. This is when I realized that women can play many roles. It is when you move out of the comfort zone, that you realize your full potential and get to exhibit your subtle strength.”

Identify Your True Calling

Hobbies and Interests plays an essential part in the lives of all individual but it is indeed the realisation of its importance that changes the game. Vora turned her hobbies into habits and habits into passion before making it her source of income. 

Vora says, “I tapped into my inherent passion and knowledge for skin and hair care through the implementation of Herbal & Ayurvedic ingredients. Thus from a hobby was born a commercial venture “Palasa Body Solutions Pvt Limited”! I branded all my products under the name “Mom’s Therapy”. The concept was naturally inspired by the knowledge that has been passed on from my grandmother to my mother and from my mother to me.”

Embrace Your Failures

Unless you embrace your failures you will never learn the true value of success. While initial failures can surely break your heart but should never let your morale go down. 

Vora says “Do not get nervous with initial failures and remain confident always. Failures are only a part of the new journey because you have just stepped out of your comfort zone. Try to get valuable feedback to consistently improve. I used to, and yet do, ask my customers to lend their negative reviews first so that I can improve on their feedback.”

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