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This Man Is Getting Clients ‘To Do Nothing’

| Published on May 12, 2021

Ever got paid for doing nothing at all? While not all of us might be this lucky, this Japanese man listed an opportunity for clients to hire him for doing nothing. And yes, we mean nothing at all. Sounds absurd? Well, some people do get it all as this man was approached by a number of clients to be paid millions to sit still and do nothing.

37-year-old Shoji Morimoto is letting his clients hire him to just eat, drink, sleep and give a simple response when needed. No matter where you live, you can hire him for his services for just 10,000 yen or Rs. 7,0000.

Since 2018, he has been allowing people to rent him. The basic idea behind it is that some people are not comfortable doing certain things like sitting in a shop for long hours or entering a public place on their own. Here’s where he comes in to fill in the gap. He is willing to do easy things. Morimoto has around 3-4 clients daily.

He started doing this for free but realizing the demand in the market, he began charging for his services up to about a year ago. It is a simple and convenient way of making money with the number of clients that he has, every day. His total client base includes 3000+ clients.

Morimoto’s services are great for those who feel lonely. You might not have a friend or a partner. While he cannot actually be a replacement, he can surely be there to listen for a few hours whenever needed.

What do you think of his service and will you be willing to hire him?

Source: India Times

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