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This Is How You Can Start Your Own ‘Two-Wheeler Dealership’ In India

| Published on September 20, 2020

The Two-wheeler business has always been a successful business idea in the Indian market. The reason behind this is that the youth of this country has always wished to have a bike or a scooter before they decide to buy a car.
It could be due to many reasons. A two-wheeler is easier to drive in the Indian traffic, it is more fuel-efficient, and of course, is a more economic choice. However, this does not mean that the car sale is less. All these reasons make this field a very favorable business plan for budding entrepreneurs.

There are many big brands that are manufacturing bikes and scooters with numerous dealerships across the country. Anyone can take a dealership of these companies like Hero, Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Royal Enfield, etc., and start earning a good profit.

How much does it cost to open a bike dealership?

If you talk about the expenses incurred in a bike dealership, then it depends on you which agency dealership you are taking. This is because every company has different plans. The equipment and interior work required to start a bike dealership can cost up to Rs 25 lakh.

There are many companies that provide vehicles to their dealers on credit, but most companies do not do this at all. This is the reason that people need the money to buy a car, if you do not have that much capital, then you keep a few car stocks. If you estimate that you can sell 100 bikes per month, and assuming the price of 1 bike is around 50000 thousand rupees, then according to this you will have to invest 100 × 50000 = 50,00,000 rupees.

After this, you will need spare parts, etc., which can cost up to Rs 15 lakhs additionally. There are many companies that also ask for bank-related grants before giving their bike dealership.

How The Companies Assist Dealerships & How To Open It?

All types of layouts, drawings, and interiors design assistance are provided by the company to set up the agency and workshop. Through the company, arrangements are made to train you and your employees. After this, your sales team is given special training such as: – Customer handling, what are the sales processes, product features, etc.

Finally, if you have enough capital to invest in this business then it is quite easy for you to get an agency dealership.To get a bike agency dealership, you have to go to the official website of that company and apply online. When your application is accepted, further processing will be done by calling or emailing you.

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