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This Indian Restaurant Is Offering Full Meal For Bringing Plastic Waste

| Published on July 19, 2019

We live in a society where despite knowing all the harmful effects there are very few do the needy things. Take the example of Plastic usage, everyone these days is aware of the fact what harm it has done to our environment and even government has started taking positive steps towards minimizing the use of plastic but it seems like our citizens are not ready for it.

Let’s not talk about the ignorant ones and praise the ones who are actually doing the right things. A Chaatisgrah based cafe is giving free meals to people for bringing plastic waste. The offer is that anyone bringing 1 kg of plastic waste will get a full meal while those collecting 500 grams of plastic waste will be getting breakfast. Ambikapur, which is the 2nd cleanest city after Indore is planning to use the plastic for construction of roads.

The cafe will operate from the city’s main bus stand. Also, there is a plan to provide free shelter to the homeless who collect plastic waste. Note that, the city already has a road made from plastic granules and asphalt.

plastic waste

The first such road was made by mixing 8 lakh plastic bags. This is durable because mixing plastic and asphalt makes is strong as the water does permeate through it.

If you don’t know, Ambikapur is the second-largest city in the country in the ‘Sanitation Campaign’ and this scheme is being linked to the cleanliness campaign. The use of plastic carry bags has been already restricted in the state.

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