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This Indian Couple Has Set Up One of India’s Biggest Recipe Empires!

| Published on February 27, 2019

If you are a cooking enthusiast – there’s no way in the world you wouldn’t have heard of ‘The Hebbars’. They create unbelievable 2 minute video of a recipe, by which you can make absolutely outstanding dishes for your family, instead of a half-hour video. If you are looking for vegan alternatives, don’t worry, they have got you covered!

The Hebbar’s Kitchen

This food blog, started by Archana Hebbar, enables you to cook up a storm for each meal of the day from breakfast to dessert, masala powders to chutneys and side dishes to beverages.

The Commencement

When Archana moved to Australia with her husband after marriage, it was quite difficult for her to find a job there. She then decided to follow her hobby, which happens to be cooking, and made a few basic recipe videos and posted them on a blogging platform, created by her. Her blogs were gaining popularity at that time, but she was unable to find channels in Australia that catered Indian palette.

She then thought of making the videos shorter and posted them on Facebook, to which she got an amazing response.

The Ingredients of the video

  • The key ingredient of the videos is their length (2 minutes), in which people can learn recipes that food-shows teach in half an hour.
  • The videos do not just show how to prepare the dish, but it shows how to prepare the dishes in a simple way.
  • The uniqueness of the videos that include a variety of categories, which helps users to take them into a daily routine.

The Inside Story

Archana explains that the content creation of the 2-minute video is not just a one-day job, it requires a lot of planning, time and effort. The steps involve sourcing the ingredients, preparing the dishes, shooting and finally editing the video. These steps may seem simple to a normal person, but it is not.

Video creation depends on two major factors:

  1. Command over making the dishes – where dosas and idlis were easy to make than a delicacy required to make Mysore Pak.
  2. The complexity of the dishes – where creating a video of a chutney took about two hours than creating a video of a cake, which took a few hours.

The Team

Hebbar’s Kitchen is run by a small team which includes the Hebbars in Australia and their friend, Shreeprada in Mumbai, who handles communication on the Facebook page and other social media platforms. Shreeprada also writes articles on the tips, tricks and health benefits of the ingredients which is regularly used in an Indian kitchen.

Sudarshan, Archana’s husband, assists Archana post-work and during weekends.

The Response

The Hebbar’s Kitchen has a Facebook popularity with 9.3 million followers. Their YouTube subscribers are about 1.9 million and they also have around 726000 Instagram followers.


Their presence on every social media platform has encouraged Indians across different age groups and region to hone this life skill.

The Hebber’s also presented an application to its users, which has around one million Android downloads and nearly 500000 iOS downloads.

Archana said justifying the success of The Hebbars, “Hebbar’s Kitchen began as a hobby. It became my passion, and is now my profession. I was always interested in cooking, but never thought it would take me so far!”

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