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This Indian Startup Can Produce Drinking Water From Air

| Published on October 7, 2017

In a country like India where villagers still have to walk for miles to get fresh drinking water, a new startup that is yet to be launched has made a device that can produce almost 200 liters of fresh water in a day that too by using thin air. A three-stage purification is used in the filtration of water and it costs around Rs. 1.5-2 per liter. This is a Kerela based startup that has been tested in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. This device from Uravulabs looks like a refrigerator in terms of shape and size.


Principal of operation

The device works on the operation of the vapour compression refrigeration system. The humidity in the atmosphere is converted into water. The air is cooled up to a temperature at which water vapor performs condensation and after that, it is converted into the required liquid state. This collected water is filtered to make it pure and mixed with minerals.

Story behind the idea

This device is the idea of Mr. Swapnil Shrivastav, who came across this device while working on a college project in National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut, in 2013. He researched a lot on the future of water and realized that this is a new independent source available to produce drinking water.

Important features of Project Eva

1. This device can filter out suspended particles of 0.3 microns in size.
2. Everything involved in this conversion of air into drinking water is totally environment-friendly which makes this project very useful.
3. It can be connected with internet to know the atmospheric conditions of the nearby area so that the device can change its functioning according to the temperature so that the quality of water gets same.


The main limitation of this portable device is that it requires high moisture to work well, so in areas where humidity is low, the efficiency becomes very low. The founders are working on this and may fix this soon.

So, this was about the project Eva by Uravulabs, this device can really achieve big heights if some of the problems can be sorted out soon.

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