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This IIT IIM Graduate’s Love For Harry Potter Helped Him Crack B-School Interviews

| Published on August 14, 2020

Harry Potter has been a childhood favourite for many of us growing up. It had a world in itself, that was magical and believable for all of us. Keeping the love for the book and movie series, Rohan Jain, an IIT Kanpur graduate and IIM Ahmedabad has read the Harry Potter books several times and surprisingly used it to ace his B-School interviews as well! Don’t believe us? Here’s his story.

Rohan Jain’s Harry Potter Story

Rohan Jain got through IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta. His story is as interesting as it appears. He narrates how the panelists asked him about his hobbies which really helped him ease in as he kept on chatting about Harry Potter to the point where one of them asked if he had a crush on actress Emma Watson!

In IIM Bangalore, the interview wasn’t going as well as he thought until one of the panelists asked him about his favourite book which changed everything! Once again, Harry Potter worked like a charm! All his learning from Harry Potter was relatable for him to explain to the panelists how he could apply them in management as well.

IIM C had the same story. In all these 3 scenarios, Harry Potter was the one subjected where he had more knowledge than any of the panelists. This factor of reliability got him a lot of reviews from other individuals who also had their lives benefitted through J.K Rowling’s beautiful world of Harry Potter.

What’s your favourite Harry Potter moment?

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