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This Iconic Indian Scene Is A Must Watch For Salesmen

| Published on June 3, 2021

While the movie, Aa Gale Lag Jaa (1973) may have become quite old and may not suit the tastes of millennials today, the movie gave us quite a few lessons on how to make a coveted sale. Find out which scene we are particularly referring to below!

Watch till the end..
A lot of lessons Salesmen can learn from this!
Video credit: Shemaroo

Posted by Marketing Mind on Monday, 26 August 2019

The scene talks about a man arguing with the salesman that an object which is found for 5rs on the street shouldn’t be charged at 300rs. He goes on to suggest that he would prefer buying an item for the cheapest price since it fulfils his purpose, a flower vase in this case. Now, although we do agree that the fulfilment of a utility should essentially be the only aspect to be factored in while considering a purchase from a consumer’s perspective, there are a lot many other factors today which influence buying behaviour. Let us understand it a little more in detail.

Esteem and Eliteness

The video shows how the feeling of being supreme or the aspect of eliteness is an important aspect of buying products from a store. While you may consider buying things off the road, to someone who is visiting your house, you will never communicate a price that is cheap upon being asked the details of that product. A man associates it with being labelled as cheap or miserly and always wants to show that he is anything but that. One always wants to highlight that they are well-dressed and enjoy a high standard of living. As a salesman, it is very important that you communicate to a customer why your product is the one that offers them this image in society.

Quality and Durability

This scene also shows how quality is much more sought after for a product and how one will always think twice in buying a product that offers them higher quality as opposed to a cheap one that doesn’t offer the same. An individual is also most likely to take more care of products that cost higher and as a salesman, you must emphasize the after-sales service that your store provides.

Communicating your USP

As a salesman, one must always talk about the unique selling proposition that your product has to offer to a potential consumer. In the scene where the salesman makes a clear demarcation between a flower vase brought from the store and that brought from the footpath, it is observed that the consumer also realises the difference and sees why he should buy the product from the store.

It is always wise to talk to a potential consumer and find out his need before trying to make a sale. The movie also teaches us that you must always try to make the consumer feel involved and get them to land on the conclusion that the product you are offering is the best in satisfying their need.

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