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This Hilarious Convo Helped Customer Win Free Food From Zomato

| Published on June 11, 2019

Food delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats have certainly changed the food industry in India. Customers have becoome addicted to these apps when it comes to ordering food and one big reason for this is the discounts these companies offer.


Along with exciting offers, one more thing ZOmato is popular for is its creative and funny way of attracting customers. From time to time we see witty social media posts from Zomato that helps the brand win attention in the online world.

Not only this Zomato previously gained huge attention of the offline audience with some controversial yet amazing billboards that caught the eyes of people going on roads. Adding to this, their customer care executives are trained in such a way that they add fun while solving the problems of customers.

We got to know about one such conversation from Quora where a customer actually won a free meal just because of his sense of humor. Have a read:

If we believe a Quora answer, the name of customer is Krisshna Sarswat and he just informed Zomato that he hasn’t received the order and here’s what followed:

It was all going normal till this point.

Krisshna finally got free 400 Zomato credits to have a great meal.

Amazing isn’t it? Well, it looks like modern-day brands can go to any extent when it comes to acquiring customers

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