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This Guy Made Petrol From Plastic & Now Selling At Rs 40 Per Litre

| Published on June 27, 2019

The Environment is, that we live in is being damaged in so many myriad ways – overuse of electronic products, exploitation of water bodies, overuse of plastic and what not. How often do you think of taking the one little step that you can for its betterment? Probably not even once in the entire lifetime, But there are still people who want to save lives – wait, you thought only doctors can save lives? Raed along to uncover the story of a  real hero named Satish Kumar –

The first side of the coin

We have known this since years, that plastic is hazardous to the environment and human life. Plastic takes hundreds to degrade, which means that even if we stop manufacturing plastic today, our upcoming generations will have to bear the hazards of the plastic that is made today.

So, to reduce the effects caused by plastic, mankind discovered ways to re-use, used plastics by recycling it.

The second side of the same coin

Pollution caused by vehicles and industries, or you say air pollution caused by the gases released by the vehicles and industries on the combustion of petrol and other chemicals, is another form of pollution that the environment is taking the bitter taste of.

The Fusion of the two sides!

You will be thrilled and equally shocked to know that this man, has made history by making petrol from plastic. Do you actually know what does this mean? Professor Satish Kumar, has done wonders by making petrol form used plastic, which means that the hazards caused by the plastic will be reduced to a great level, as well as, the plastic which was non-recyclable, can now be recycled to produce the most important component of today’s life, ‘FUEL’.

Plastic Pyrolysis!

Hyderabad-based mechanical engineer, Satish Kumar, says that there are basically just three steps in making the fuel. The process is called Plastic Pyrolysis. Moreover, he is absolutely ready to share his technology with any interested entrepreneur, for the sake of saving the environment. He himself is aiming in helping the environment, not expecting any commercial benefits from his technology.

There is more to it!

Satish has done wonders by converting 50 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic into petrol, diesel and aviation fuel. He says that about 500 kilograms of such plastic can produce about 400 litres of fuel, that too in a completely eco-friendly way, without releasing waste-water. Also, the process happens in a vacuum, so there is no chance of air pollution.

The Big Question?

Obviously, the natural question would arise in your mind, how much does it cost? So, here is Satish, once more, at his best, selling the produced fuel to the industries in just Rs. 40 to 50 per litre, locally. His company is running successfully, where they produce around 200 liters of petrol in a day out of 200 kilograms of plastic.

The only drawback till now is, the fuel is just being used by the industries, and is yet to be tested whether it would work for vehicles or not. Also, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) cannot be used in the process of Plastic Pyrolysis.

This is revolutionary to make the environment a better place for each and every living being. Thank you, Satish, for all the good work that you have been doing! We all owe you.

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