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This Gurugram Startup Is All Set To Transform Lives Of The Farmers

| Published on August 5, 2019

A Gurugram based start-up is in on its way to revolutionize the lives of lakhs of farmers and the agricultural sector. The start-up’s name is The Krishi, which is a one-stop digital platform which educated the farmers about modern agricultural practices, which in turn helps them to increase their productivity.

This Gurugram Startup Is All Set To Transform Lives Of The Farmers

Where did this start from?

Anish Mishra and Siddhant Bhomia did computer engineering from IIT Kharagpur and went on to work in the IT sector, but had a strong association with the agricultural space. When they interacted with several farmers, they realized that most of them had no knowledge about modern farm practices and high productivity, due to which most of the framers are reeling under a heavy burden of debt.

This Gurugram Startup Is All Set To Transform Lives Of The Farmers

The Krishi

It is a Gurugram based enterprise, which provides useful tips and information to the farmers through its one-stop digital platform, in the form of mobile application, The Kisan Network app. It helps them boost their productivity and income.

Nowadays, majority of the farmers have a digital presence, and they are willing to utilize it to improve their productivity. The Kisan Network app provides them with a host of information which helps them to plan ahead and avoid losses.

This Gurugram Startup Is All Set To Transform Lives Of The Farmers

The Kisan Network app

The app is available on Android phones and is presently available only in Hindi. The interface is very simple, which ensures the ease of operation for farmers. The farmers need to enter just the basic details, to sign up, after downloading the app.

The app is AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven and provides many useful features:

1. It provides weather forecast to the farmers so that they can plan ahead and avoid losses.

2. It provides information in the form of text and audio-visual, about all the government schemes that a farmer can leverage.

3. It provides up-to-date information about modern agricultural practices, like mix cropping, micro-irrigation, and mulching.

This Gurugram Startup Is All Set To Transform Lives Of The Farmers

4. The most amazing feature is its identification of crop disease. The farmer can upload a picture of the crop and can receive data on the details of the problem and remedies to resolve it.

5. It also shows the nearest mandi, where the farmers can go and buy materials that are required based on their needs.

A mind-blowing start

The start-up was founded in 2018, has benefitted more than 6 lakh farmers till date, and is sure that the numbers will increase in the coming months. It has led to the successful cultivation of around 35000 acres of land across the country. The results are evident as the farmers’ active participation on the app is huge, with 1.2 lakh minutes being spent on the app every day.

With the leverage of technology, the farmers get educated and duly informed about modern practices, which helps them to earn a decent living.

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