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This Dad Transformed Old Ferry Into A Rs. 19.7 Crores Luxury Yacht For His Kids

| Published on March 15, 2021

To commemorate some childhood memories to make them eternal, this man from Hong Kong decided to turn his old ferry into a beautiful and new luxury yacht to relive the memories associated with it. Earlier known as Golden Star, this ferry could hold up to 762 passengers. It operated from 1988 to 2011 after which it was sold in an auction.

People can move mountains to relive memories, especially those associated with their childhood. Hence, this man from Hong Kong decided to repurchase the ferry and turn it into triple its value to make it a luxurious asset for his family.

The vessel is now 154 ft long and stands at the Leung Wan Kee shipyard in Zhuhai, China. After refurbishing the ship, this man was available to make it look and provide better amenities than a luxurious 5 or 7-star hotel! Look at the transformation below!

Now, this yacht is called DOT and spans 6000 sq. ft. With numerous staterooms that could accommodate at least 8 people, every room also comes with its private shower. Wouldn’t you want to live here? If you think this was enough, DOT also offers a common space and office area along with a galley, a ginormous salon, a huge space with a 14 ft Christmas tree which is apparently the longest they’ve houses in the country!

And did we mention that DOT is currently up for grabs? For just Rs. 19.7 crores, this luxurious amenity could be yours! You would think this might increase your bills but this Hong Kong builder was smart enough to install solar panels and battery backup to run the yacht. This is definitely what dreams are made of!

The owner who chooses to be anonymous transformed this place into a luxurious entity for his three children. He wanted to recreate the joyful times spent with them during their childhood with modern amenities, now that he had the chance.

It’s not always about the money. It’s about the emotions and we salute this man for his initiative!

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