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2 minutes read

This Convo Between RVCJ Media & JioCinema Will Give You Twitter Marketing Goals

| Published on November 7, 2019

Twitter has become a platform for brands to interact with other brands and online audience. In the recent past, we have seen multiple examples where brands went viral just because of a creative tweet over an ongoing trend. What makes us write this article is a funny convo between JioCinema and India’s biggest meme factory RVCJ Media which has now transformed into a complete Digital Marketing agency.

RVCJ Media’s video content has recently gone live on JioCinema and to make the best of this occasion, RVCJ went creative with its Twitter account and asked JioCinema to welcome them in a funny way.

In reply to that, JioCinema gave a filmy reply writing “SWAG se karenge
@RVCJ_FB ka swagat!! #RVCJonJioCinema”

Continuing the friendly banter, RVCJ once again used its creative mind and wrote:

Ab #Dabanggai par chalte hai.. Streaming now on @JioCinema

This makes us summarise once again how powerful social media platforms are if they get used in the best way. Also, there is nothing better than having a conversation with other brands on Twitter as audience relates to such brands more.

To enjoy all the videos of RVCJ on JioCinema, you can click here

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