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This ‘Contactless Vending Machine Like Fridge’ Startup Is A Big Hit In Gurugram

| Published on August 1, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc everywhere. The ones who did get infected are fighting for their lives and the ones who have not have been left to struggle with the falling economic conditions in almost every part of the world. While the pandemic caused many businesses to shut down, there have been many new entrants that have been making most of the opportunity.

In this time, the products and services that matter the most are all related to the health care and medical field. From face masks to sanitizers to PPE kits many new companies have come forward and many old ones have started a new range to meet the demands.

There are many other industries that have been putting in the factor that assures they are in speed with coping up with the pandemic. For instance, many food delivery companies and other online delivery companies have started what is called ‘a contactless delivery’. This has been appreciated and even opted a lot as they assure the safety of the customers as well as the delivery personal.

This startup allows you to buy groceries in societies from stocked ...

There is one startup in Gurugram that has taken the ‘contactless delivery’ aspect to a different level. A startup by the name of Gobbly has installed a vending machine style fridge that is completely contactless.

These mobile-operated unmanned fridges allow you to hand-select your products with customers being charged electronically from a mobile wallet on closing the fridge door to complete a transaction.

These fridges are in high demand at residential apartment complexes, offices, educational institutions, etc., the startup said, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Palm Grove Heights in Gurugram is one of the first societies to install these fridges.

According to Ankur Agrawal, Co-founder of Gobbly, the company is developing a full-stack automated retail technology platform with which it intends to improve the overall experience over offline shopping and traditional eCommerce.

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