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This Company Is Selling Indian ‘Charpai’ For Rs 41,000

| Published on August 31, 2021

The fashion industry has been trying to make a mark in the global market. It does become pretty competitive for luxury brands to maintain their lead in the industry. While some brands come up with unique and creative ideas for their latest fashion line, many have resorted to not trying hard enough it seems.

A couple of leading brands have been seen copying commonly worn Indian outfits and selling them for absurdly high prices.

Gucci & Balenciaga are some of the leading names in the fashion industry. And their latest merchandise launch has made them a topic of discussion on social media platforms.

Gucci’s Rs 2 Lakhs worth Indian Kurta and Balenciaga’s Rs 1.5 lakh worth Indian-looking shopper bag has made a spectacle o themselves.

It seems that a new name is to join this overly-priced fashion brand selling Indian-looking merchandise.

A New Zealand furniture brand, Annabelle’s, is selling a common Indian string cot for $800.00 NZD or Rs 41,211.85 in the name of ‘Vintage Products’.

What we Indians call a ‘Charpai’ is being sold at such an astronomical price and we Indians have so many questions.

The company has posted the product on its Facebook handle along with other ‘vintage’ products. The company claims that these products are sourced from various countries like India, China, and Indonesia.

The shop, Anabelle, may have actually sourced the ‘charpai’ from India itself. In the FAQ section on its website, it explains how “On trips to India, China, and Indonesia, every piece is handmade, old and unique so not being able to see the proper color and finish in person is a real challenge.” A lot of other products also seem to be procured from India, in a separate blog post which mentions ‘New Arrivals from India’ in June 2020.

If you visit the website, you will see many ‘Vintage Indian’ products from coffee tables to pots and cabinets costing from $1000 to $2900.

Though the company may be sourcing it from the said countries, it does come as a shock to many Indians that an ‘Old Charpai’ is being sold for Rs 41,000 when it costs only a couple of hundred bucks in reality.

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