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This Company Can Solve 90% Of Water Scarcity Problem In Chennai

| Published on June 28, 2019

Recently Leonardo DiCaprio shared the disturbing image of the Chennai water crisis on his social media handle. Since then people all around the world have been more attentive towards the situation. Some are sending their prayers and some are trying to spread awareness about the crisis globally. Above all the crisis faced by Chennai is not just because of natural causes but because of man-made causes too.

According to experts, this city of India is likely run out of its groundwater resource by 2020. Local people are facing a lot of issues just to attain their daily water supplies. Many have adopted rainwater harvesting and it has really helped in conserving water to some extent.

A Chennai based start-up firm, Earth Fokus, has come up with an innovative device which they have named as Qua Mist. This device is an extension made of brass which easily connects to the water tap and turns the stream into a fine mist. This device has proven to save up to 95% of water consumption. According to the founder, Mr. Arun Subramaniam, the device has been a hit among the locals and has seen a huge rise in its sale in the past couple of months.

We all should take some inspiration from people like Arun Subramaniam and collectively work together in improving the ever-deteriorating level of our natural resources.

Above all, we should never forget that there is only one earth for us and working towards its betterment is actually working for our own.

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