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This Chinese Restaurant Will Give You Your Money’s Worth With Its Sarcastic Menu

| Published on January 28, 2021

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? Known as one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Chinese has a variety of light and rich flavors according to the array of dishes available. This restaurant has been garnering quite the interest from users on Twitter thanks to its Chinese dishes feature the honest commentary for every dish, given by the hotel’s owner.

Aunt Dai, a famous Chinese restaurant in Montreal is loved by all its loyal customers. Moreover, the menu is simple and unique thanks to the owner’s commentary that has a hint of sarcasm making people smile all over. The dishes come with a translation from Chinese to English making it convenient for people to read. In addition to this, each dish has a caption worth of commentary highlighting what’s in the dish.

It was shared by a popular Twitter profile, Kim Belair (@BagelofDeath).

The commentary section is titled ‘Owner’s Words’ which has the founder comparing one dish to the other, mentioning what she would choose if she were you, and recommending the flavor depending on different people’s interests.

If the dish isn’t that good, the owner has it mentioned on the menu. For one of the dishes called ‘Orange Beef’, the owner mentions that it isn’t as good as the General Tao Chicken. In any case, she adds that she’s not a great fan of North American Chinese food and it is definitely the customer’s call to order what he/she wants.

Haven’t we always heard how Desi Chinese is different from actually Chinese? Well, guess what? Even American Chinese is as unique and does nowhere come close to authentic Chinese food.

Kim Belair also shared another tweet where she mentioned a few pictorials on the menu and another on the owner’s commentary section.

A number of fans have come forward to express their views on Aunt Dai’s menu! Most of them love it!

Oh, and guess what? The owner of Aunt Dai, Feigang Fei, also thanked Kim for sharing their menu! Apparently, the restaurant gained a lot of press thanks to the exposure and has double the number of customers! The power of social media, y’all!

Ever come across any Indian restaurants that dropped truth bombs on their dishes?

Source: News 18

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