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This Cafe Is Helping Writers Address The Procrastination Problem

| Published on April 29, 2022

Procrastination is a major struggle for a lot of us. While we do try our best to get better at it, we often succumb to delaying tactics, more often than not. But a café in Tokyo, is doing something unique to help people avoid this habit, and get the better of it.

The idea of Takuya Kawai, a writer, who understands that procrastination is a big hindrance, that robs people of their effective time management skills and productivity. Manuscript Writing Café, was established with a view to help patrons finish off their work in within stipulated time and in a better way. Initially started as a livestreaming eatery, the café was affected due to the COVID pandemic, after which the owners decided to use the place purposefully.

Patrons can come to the café, write down their goals and the staff assures that one does not leave, before the work is over. The café has high-speed wi-fi and docking ports along with self-serve coffee and tea stations.

The café offers different levels of supervision to its patrons- mild supervision has check-ins from time to time, normal supervision has check-ins every hour and hard supervision ensures someone standing behind you, so that you don’t distract yourself from your work.

But actually, instead of monitoring, I’m here to support them … As a result, what they thought would take a day actually was completed in three hours, or tasks that usually take three hours were done in one,” said an employee from the cafe.

The café has ten seats which are reserved for writers, editors, manga artists and every professional involved in the writing world.
For the first 30 minutes, the cafe charges 130 yen (around INR 78) and then 300 yen, (approximately 180 INR) every successive hour. Though a few people have stayed past the official closing time, they have all eventually gotten their work done.

Surely, this is one unique step in handling procrastination better!

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