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This Business Can Help You Earn Rs 1.40 Lakhs Monthly By Investing Just Rs. 25 Thousands.

| Published on January 15, 2020

If you plan on starting a business with good returns then this article might just be for you. The business we are talking about today might be something you might have not thought of before, or maybe you have. It’s the business of manufacturing Poha.

Poha is considered to have many nutritional values. Mostly eaten as a snack, it is both easy to make and digest. This is the reason why Poha’s market is growing rapidly. In such a situation, you can start your business by setting up a Poha manufacturing unit.

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According to the project profile report prepared by the Khadi village industries commission, the project cost of the Poha manufacturing unit comes to about Rs 2.43 lakh and the government will give you a loan of up to 90 percent. This means you can start this business with just 25 thousand rupees.

Let’s know how this business can be started and how you will benefit from it.

According to the report of KVIC, you can install this unit in about 500 square feet of space. On this you will have to spend 1 lakh rupees. At the same time, you will spend 1 lakh rupees on Poha machine, sieves, furnace, packing machine, drum, etc. In all, your total expenditure will be 2 lakh rupees, while the working capital will cost only 43 thousand rupees.

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How Much Can You Earn In Poha Selling Business?

Once you start you project, the first thing you’ll require is the raw material. It will cost you about 6 lakh rupees. Apart from this, you will have to spend about 50 thousand rupees in miscellaneous expenses.

After incurring all the necessary expenses, your manufacturing unit will produce about 1000 quintal poha a month. On which the cost of production will come to 8.60 lakh rupees. You can sell 1000 quintal poha for around 10 lakh rupees. That is, you can earn around 1.40 lakh rupees.

According to this report of KVIC, if you prepare a project report and apply for a loan under the Village Industries Employment Scheme, you can get about 90 percent loan. KVIC gives loans every year to promote the village industry. You can also take advantage of this.

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