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This BTech MTech Graduate From IIT Bombay Is Working As A Trackman Railways

| Published on August 27, 2019

We don’t know if it a craze for Government jobs, unemployment or something else but an IITian has joined group “D” job in the Indian Railways in Dhanbad railway division as a track maintainer, commonly known as Trackman.

Why this job?

The guy named Shrawan Kumar holds his B.Tech and M.Tech degree from Mumbai IIT. Talking about what made him choose this job, he said job security is the main reason for picking Railways.

He has been posted at Chandrapura under Public Works Inspector (PWI), Telo and looks after the track maintenance between Chandrapura and Telo section. Kumar belongs to Bihar’s capital Patna and he had joined IIT Bombay in 2010 in the integrated dual degree course. Since the beginning he wanted a government job, he said.


He is confident of becoming an officer in government sector in future. Many batchmates have adviced him to get a high-paying private job but they failed to convince him to opt for the same.

Surely, he has complete freedom to make choices for his life but what are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments section.

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