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This Billionaire Wants To Buy 15% Of The Planet To Protect It.

| Published on August 24, 2019

Conservation of our environment has been the most pressing issue for the past couple of years. And seeing at the speed at which our earth’s environment is degrading, conservation becomes more critical.

Earlier this year when Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was ravaged by fire, numerous generous billionaires came forward and donated over a billion dollars for its restoration. A huge question was put out by many. Why arent people coming forward for more serious issues.

In October, Billionaire philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss, CEO of the Wyss Foundation, pledged to donate a billion dollars towards environmental conservation efforts over the next ten years.

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The news came as a sigh of relief to many.

According to the article in the New York Times, Wyss plans on buying large plots of land all over the world and turn them into parks that will be open to the public.

Wyss believes that wildlands and waters are best conserved not in private hands, locked behind gates, but as public national parks, wildlife refuges and marine reserves, forever open for everyone to experience and explore.

It is estimated that Wyss has already donated more than $66 million to at least nine different organizations in the two months after making his pledge.

Hansjörg Wyss has been silently donating his millions to the environment for the past twenty years. In fact, Wyss has given over $450 million to similar efforts prior to his recent pledge.

Wyss hopes that his contribution will be able to protect 30% of the planet by the year 2030.

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