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This Billionaire Barber Owns 400+ Luxury Cars Including BMW’s, Jaguars

| Published on June 27, 2019

Ramesh Babu, who has earned the title of a Billionaire Barber, has a lot inside his journey to the title. He was very young when he lost his father and had very rough days to go through on a daily basis, when he had to survive on one meal per day, along with his family.

Eventually, when he grew up, he took over the business from his uncle, which initially his father used to run- A Saloon.

The determination to Succeed

Ramesh’s initial days were full of struggle when he had to manage with the workers who rarely turned up at the saloon on time, as Ramesh did not know how to do hairstyling.


But then after three months, an opportunity struck at his doors, which made wonders for him in his upcoming future.

An opportunity by mistake

One day, a man turned up at Ramesh’s saloon, when he was still waiting for the workers to show up. He asked Ramesh for a haircut, insisting on trying even after knowing that Ramesh did not know how to cut hair. At the end, the person paid double the standard price, evident that he very much liked the hairstyling done by Ramesh.

This was when Ramesh took up hairstyling himself. Seeming his natural talent, his business flourished and he even signed up for hairstyling courses.

The First Step

The first step is always the biggest step toward success. But definitely, hard work and determination is always the part and parcel of the long route. Ramesh always wanted to buy a car, so he used his earnings from the saloon and got some amount of personal loan, to buy his first vehicle- a Maruti Van.

The aftermath

He had to battle a lot after that. The journey was not easy. He had steep EMIs coming to his unrest. So, he decided to rent out his car to the customers to raise money.

His first business contract was received from Intel, and slowly he gathered a sizeable customer base in operating a high-end automobile rental service and began to build a fleet of cars.

Ramesh Tours & Travels

Today, Ramesh has started a company named Ramesh Tours & Travels, which provides automobile rental services, in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi. It has plans to conquer Hyderabad and Vijayawada also. The company boasts a fleet of over 400 cars including the latest models of BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Rolls-Royce.

Ramesh became the third person to own a Mercedes-Maybach S600, in Bengaluru. He also happens to own the highly priced Rolls-Royce Ghost, which, apparently, ranks lower in his list of favourites.

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A man with virtues

Even after being a billionaire and earning a title of Billionaire Barber, he always chooses to work as a barber. You can find him giving haircuts at his saloon for Rs. 150 over weekends. This shows how humble and full of virtues, the man is, who certainly resonates that ‘no matter where you reach, what you do, don’t forget your roots!’

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