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This 90s Ad Of Sonu Sood Playing Nagraj Will Make You Believe That He Is A Superhero

| Published on December 19, 2020

Sonu Sood has gained immense recognition and love this year from all his fans because of his generosity shown during times of crisis. The pandemic has created some intense moments and the most desperate situations for us. Sood has gone back and forth helping families in the slums of Mumbai by donating money and clothes. He has personally helped a lot of people who have reached out to him. But did you know he was a superhero way before he showed India his kindness?

This ad from the 90s has Sood portraying Nagraj from Raj Comics. This was released in 1997, and is proof that he was a superhero well, from the start. Check out this ad to see how he fights evil. What a man!

A lot of the 90s kids remember this advertisement. Since this was being resurfaced on Twitter again, people definitely took the chance to appreciate his performance.

Would you look at all that makeup on him?

Look at the way he comes out of the ring of fire!

Move over Batman and Superman. In India, we have Sonu Sood!

Another user really applauded him for all the work that he did during the pandemic. If it wasn’t for his generosity, a number of slum dwellers would have lost their houses and will to live. Sood helps us appreciate the world around us, as he utilizes his riches and fame for a good cause. Unless we help each other during times of crisis, how else are we supposed to survive?

Sonu Sood might not have been a part of the biggest blockbusters in B-Town, but he has definitely made a space for himself in our hearts. For us, he is a real superhero, no matter what he does in life.

How did you help others during the pandemic earlier this year?

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