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This 34-Year-Old Woman Is Making Indian Jewellery Famous By Selling It Internationally

| Published on May 31, 2019

Are you fond of jewellery, especially the classic pieces of your mom and grand-mom? Most women will be agreeing to this, isn’t it?

Similar was the case of a Delhi-based entrepreneur, but her love for jewellery grew to such an extent that it encouraged her to form a brand, RESA Fine Jewellery which is now operating overseas.

This is not an ordinary story of any entrepreneur achieving success, but an extraordinary story of a girl, Meghna Malik, whose lifelong love for jewellery led her to form a brand and then achieve success by taking her brand overseas in just 2 years.

Let us get to know more about Meghna’s journey and struggle to attain the success she has received for RESA.

How did she get there?

Meghna, 34-year-old entrepreneur, holds a Marketing degree from the University of Salford. After completing her post-graduation, she returned to India to pursue a career in the fashion industry. However, in 2010, her fond of jewellery persuaded her to give a try to designing jewellery.

Having faith in herself, Meghna finally started her career as a jewellery designer. For the initial year, she dedicated herself to studying about precious stones, designing, and a lot more. Her first collection was launched in November 2011 with 40 pieces of earrings, bracelets, and rings.

The love for jewellery!

RESA focuses on handmade jewellery rather than depending on the machine but that is up to the clients demand.

For manufacturing a piece of jewellery, Meghna prepares a sketch of it by hand and then is converted to a computer sketch. After this, a model is made in wax and then it goes into production. Here it is decided if the jewellery has to go for handmade or machine-based manufacturing.

The ladder of Success..

At present, RESA employs around 40-60 labourers from West Bengal and Rajasthan to craft diamond, polki, and kundan jewellery.

Since its establishment, the company has seen approximately 60-70 percent growth year-on-year basis and deals with almost 50-60 clients every month. Clients from the Middle East generally demand machine base jewellery than any other clients.

RESA is known for its exclusivity and thus, it is dependent on the word of mouth marketing or from the shows conducted by Meghna in London every year.

What are the future plans?

Meghna has unique plans for RESA. She wants to make the brand different in order to ensure that her two daughters will be interested enough to continue expanding this brand when they grow up. As a short term goal, she wants to come up with a small counter to display the exclusive collection RESA has for its clients.

Meghna Malik is truly an inspiration for all. She is one in many who chose her love and passion as her career. Not only has that, with her hard work and constant efforts she led her small business to newer heights, that often seemed far-fetched to many others in the same business. Hope she continues to inspire more people even in the future.

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