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This 13-Year Old Is Setting Records By Helping Aspirants To Crack UPSC IAS Exam

| Published on March 17, 2019

All those UPSC aspirants yearning for a platform to know the tricks and tips to crack one of the toughest and complex examinations should subscribe to the YouTube channel- “Learn With Amar. A channel run by a 13-year-old champ, Yes! You read it right.


This miracle child teaches Political Science and Geography to UPSC civil services aspirants. He is among the youngest and most famous YouTuber in India and is going viral with 187,000 subscribers at present.

All about the Miracle- Champ

Amar Sathwik Thogiti hails from the small town of Mancherial in Telangana. He is currently in ninth grade and claims to have learnt hacks of remembering location and names of countries and rivers from his father Goverdhan Achary Thogiti, who is a government school teacher- is the resource person for the young teacher’s training in his district.

His younger brother Angh Vignesh has also joined him in this teaching venture and has uploaded 13 videos till now.

The start of this legendary journey!

This UPSC trainer loved playing Atlas since he was in 5th standard. His father seeing the little boy’s keen interest in geography started teaching him the subject. Once during the teaching session, Amar along with his mother made a video where he enacted to teach a lesson in geography and uploaded the same on social media. The video received positive responses.

This flashed the idea of giving lessons in geography, and then at the age of 10, Amar started his YouTube Channel- “Learn With Amar”. Since that day, the little champ is continuing to teach geography and Pol. Science and plans to expand to subjects like Economics (isn’t this amazing?!).

On being asked about the sessions Champ said, “Most viewers are preparing for competitive exams and post requests, based on which I learn subjects and create videos. It takes me about two weeks to research a topic. Then I learn and practice it a couple of times and shoot it.

Though they receive a flood of criticism from the disputed territories, there is no looking back for this little star, who aspires to become an IAS Officer and work with the government to make our India corruption-free. “I want to become an IAS officer and make the country a better place. There are many rules in our country but they are not followed or implemented well. When I will become an IAS officer, I will ensure better execution,” said the 13-year-old.

At the age where most people are still learning the concept of choosing different streams, this young boy has been teaching people much older to him. Well, he surely has set some amazing standards for our youth today!

Kudos to you, Amar!

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