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Thinking Of Gaming As A Career? 27-Year-Old Gamer Just Bought Ford Mustang With His Earnings

| Published on February 22, 2020

The gaming industry has been doing really well today. With so many online games, more and more people are not just taking it up as a means of entertainment but as an actual sport.

One may think about how much can you really earn from being a professional gamer. Well, today we bring you a story about how a gamer not just made a career out of it but is actually living the dream.

A Malaysian Esports gamer Faris, AKA Soloz, had been participating in various mobile gaming competitions. Not just that, he has also been streaming his ‘PUBG‘ and ‘Mobile Legends‘ gameplays online.

Despite losing to the Indonesian National Legends National Team, Faris Zakaria managed to win a bronze medal at the 2019 SEA Games.

But Faris recently came into news again when he shared that he had purchased a Ford Mustang from a car showroom in Bangsar on 4 February. What is even more surprising is that Fariz has such a humble personality that despite being a successful gamer and a now an owner of a luxury sports car, he wore simple clothes and flip flops while meeting with the car dealership.

The price of the Mustang model GT500 starts at $73,995.

While speaking about his experience, Soloz says,

People often misunderstand gamers, think that it’s easy and think it’s just a game. Few of them know that professional gamers practice very hard to be able to qualify and join a competition.

Faris had shared the pictures of his new possession on his Instagram account.

Faris’ success story will surely serve as an inspiration to all those who are looking to find a career in the gaming industry. With the help of advanced technology, gaming has become much more complex and entertaining than it ever was.

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