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Thief Leaves A Note To Shopkeeper On Not Finding Anything Worth Stealing From The Store

| Published on August 4, 2019

Expressive just became an understatement when a thief broke into a shop in Tamil Nadu and left behind a note to express his disappointment. 


Apparently the burglar who had come with a plan to steal from the shop found the cash drawer empty with nothing worthwhile in the store that attracted him. Following which he decided to leave a note for the shopkeeper expressing his dismay. 

The note left behind in the shop read, “I broke into your store putting my life at risk. But there’s not a penny in your cash drawer. So, I decided to do this monkey business (of wrecking the store).”

65-year old Jayaraj found the note the next day when opened his shop where he also saw that all of his goods and provision were lying shattered on the floor. While an official complaint with the Mandarakuppam police has been registered, the police are probing the case as “weird” as they believe the burglar could have broken into the store through the roof. 

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