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These Weird Job Post Ads Will Surely Make You Laugh

| Published on May 18, 2020

You must have come across a number of ads online, or in the newspapers about specific jobs with criteria. If you expect this article to be all about this, it is definitely the opposite of it. There is one thing to advertise to get prospective candidates, but these companies went a little overboard with their job postings in a hilarious turn of events.

Probably Loves Fiction A Little Too Much

Need A Time Traveller

Strictly No Horsing Around With This One

Cheap But Efficient

Firing Is The New Trend, It Seems?

Sorry Dave

Who Doesn’t Love Those Ninja Turtles?

You Might Want To Bring This To The Police’s Notice

Man Don’t Need No Slackers, Alright?

Need Some ‘Helf’? The ‘Wate’ is Over

Never Stop Dreaming

Are any Asses Available?

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