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These Rs. 2 Lacs Blankets From Balenciaga Sell Themselves: To Rich People

| Published on October 6, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Balenciaga is now selling quilts and blankets for around Rs. 2 lacs, and people are actually buying them!
  • No WE ARE NOT JOKING! What you found every winter in your room is now a famous print for the popular clothing and shoe brand

Winter is coming and so is our need for the warm quilts and comfortable winter attire. Keeping that in mind, Balenciaga, the luxury fashion house, has come up with new blankets, quilts and other popular designs that are selling themselves! Each quilt costs around Rs. 2 lacs and people are certainly buying them. Why? Because rich people love to splurge and will buy just about anything!

Balenciaga designed this bag made out of ‘desi’ quilt patterns that were priced around approximately Rs. 2,21,079. It does not come with a quilt though. You would think that would be a generous bargain right? Sadly, not for them.

This ‘desi kambal’ has definitely got our attention and Twitter bashed it left, right and centre because what else can we do sitting at home during a pandemic? We would not spend that big an amount over a design like this. Would you? Check out these hilarious responses on Twitter, by users worldwide.

We definitely agree with this reaction.

These kinds of quilts are quite frequently gifted to women during weddings as gifts.

We do not go out of our way to buy it unless absolutely necessary. But maybe this bag is some sort of necessary for rich people all over the world.

Would you go this far?

Source: ScoopWhoop

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