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These Popular Apps & Websites Which Are Blocked In China

| Published on July 9, 2020

We all are aware of how India blocked at least 59 apps from China last week? You would also be surprised to know how China has blocked several apps and websites that are popularly used by the world, except them! This is done owing to their strict privacy regulations. The popular apps and websites blocked in China are as follows,


facebook-logo - Maison Lambot B&B Provence

The most popular social media platform, Facebook, by Mark Zuckerberg is clearly blocked in China due to privacy and data breach speculations! Can you live without Facebook?


Google's New Logo

In China, people do not use Google, the most popular search engine in the world. Instead, they use Baidu.


File:Logo of YouTube (2015-2017).svg - Wikipedia

YouTube is a Google-owned video streaming platform, currently disabled in China. It is rivalled by, which is sub-segment of the famous


Bird, logo, twitter, twitter logo icon

You cannot send out tweets in China through Twitter!


Love the Whatsapp Logo | App logo, Logo images, Logo icons

Tencent owned WeChat is the equivalent for WhatsApp, in China. Anything owned by Mark Zuckerberg is now allowed in the country.


Instagram Logo Icon, Instagram Colorful Icon, Ig Icon, Instagram Logo PNG  and Vector with Transparent Background for Free Download | Instagram logo,  Instagram symbols, Old instagram logo

The popular photo-sharing application, Instagram is blocked in China and instead replaced by WeChat.


Gmail - Free logo icons

The Google-owned email chain, Gmail is not used in China.

They have also blocked the following applications,

  • Tinder
  • Quora
  • Google Maps

Source: GadgetsNow

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