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These Fashion Brands Pay You To Wear Their Clothes

| Published on January 11, 2021

Fashion brands, big and small, have changed the way they market themselves. With sustainable fashion becoming a hot topic for the past few years, some brands let consumers wear their clothes and pay them for the same. The logic? If it’s comfortable, people will spread the word. This is a great way to incorporate the ‘try and buy’ strategy. How have brands succeeded in doing so?


This brand rang in the New Year by inviting 600 customers to wear their already brought clothes and offered $600 to each! Simple? Yes duh!


This brand does all sorts of dramatic challenges to entice its customers. They held a contest to let their consumers wear already brought clothes from their brands for 100 days. If you can do it and share pictures, the brand will pay you $100. That’s not really a tough job you know!

L’Estrange London

What if a brand told you to wear the clothing items from their collection for 7 days and win back the total amount? This is what L’Estrange London did for their latest collection – 7 clothing items, 7 days!


This brand offers repair and damage control for consumers whose dresses, shirts, tops, and any piece of clothing get torn. This promotes the idea of using the clothing even after it can be restitched rather than discarding it and buying new items.

The idea of these brands is to incorporate thrifting and sustainable fashion. The carbon footprint of the world is increasing by the day, and fashion contributes to 100 billion garments every year. Just discarded, or kept away like that. Consumption needs to be limited to having a few pieces and reusing them through different styling options.

The average consumer wears the same clothes at least 7 times before throwing them away. This was followed by consumers of brands like H&M, Zara, and Old Navy who started manufacturing clothes that were affordable.

For a brand like Aday, an average garment costs $145 that can be worn once a week. So, it lasts for about 5 years making it a good investment. Moreover, the company offers various consumer-based challenges all year round. They also take surveys of consumers to understand the trends of buying and what consumers look for in fashion. It is surprising to know that more than 4000 people wait in line each year to be a part of their free challenges. And of course, why wouldn’t they? Everyone likes to volunteer and get good money. If clothes can help you earn that, that’s a bonus right there.

Do you wear the same clothes year-round or keep buying a new garment for every occasion?

Source: Fast Company 

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