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2 minutes read

These Cake Versions Of Adidas Sneakers Will Make You Wonder How It Feels To Eat Shoes

| Published on August 28, 2020

Adidas sneakers are popular around the world and for good reason! They are attractive, trendy, comfortable and worn by our favourite sportspersons, celebrities and more! They are definitely on the pricey end but so worth. In the most recent campaign by Adidas, the company makes your favourite shoes appear like a cake! They are colourful, bright and oh so yummy! This is in sync with the new ‘everything is cake’ meme that is surfacing all social media platforms these days. This is Adidas’ collaboration with the food delivery service, Deliveroo.

Don’t try and wear them! You will definitely be fooled by its lifesize, mesh and TPU covered soles. The flavour is chocolate ganache, and the production had started in Whitechapel, London since 26th August 2020.

But here’s the catch! You have to be living at least 1.5 miles away from Whitechapel and will get a chance to try this out on a first cum first basis. Are you hungry yet? These are the ZX 2K BOOST, featuring a more traditional style to these sneakers. A chocolate ganache sponge cake topped with a yellow coloured buttercream makes the flavours just about right, and delicious! You can definitely order it without any extra charges and are most probably almost sold. But if you are living there and want to try it out, try your luck and give your taste buds a ride!

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