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These Are The Top 7 LED TV Brands In India 2023

| Published on January 20, 2023

Are you in the market for a new LED TV? There are so many brands and models to choose from, it can get overwhelming. To help narrow down your options, here is our list of 7 Best LED TVs Brands In India With a Price List!

1. Samsung

One of the most popular television brands globally, Samsung offers mid-range to premium models at competitive prices. The price range starts from around 18000/- INR to 1 lakh or above depending on features and size. Expect great quality pictures & sound with vibrant colors between all its various ranges like ULTRA HD 4K QLED etc.

2. Sony Bravia

A name that needs no introduction when it comes to televisions; Sony’s range extends across budget-friendly LED screens right up to OLED panels built for a cinema-like viewing experience. This brand has almost something for everyone but is geared more towards Mid and higher budgets, starting from around 20k and going up to 90k+ depending upon the model &features chosen.

3. LG

Another big global name firmly established for years now is offering good value propositions. LG appliances are known to be well-built with the latest specifications. LG LED TVs’ price range starts from 9K and goes up to 89K on the premium side.

4. VU

Vu provides top-end feature-packed displays, ultra Hd, Curved, and OLED TVs at super attractive prices compared to other known players while sacrificing little or none on after-sales support and also ensuring full peace of mind to customers. VU TVs offer the technology at a low price. They do not have premium features but one gets newer technology at an affordable price which makes it a good choice for customers willing to save money. Its price range goes up to 50K at the highest.

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5. Panasonic

Japanese giant PANASONIC boasts robust designs keeping longevity and performance in focus and always providing high-level offerings. Its products are usually steeply-priced (starting around 16k and extending to 78 k). The brand also keeps offering attractive discounts from time to time keeping it a hot favorite amongst budget buyers.

6. Micromax

A name fairly new into the Television market yet comes in the list of top television brands of India. Need we say more? Micromax Informatics has become one of the top Indian Tv companies in a very short period of time and it has done so because of the brilliant performances of its appliances. Micromax has also entered the tablet, computer, and LED television market and is acing at it. Micromax offers brilliant clarity and stunning color combinations through its LED TVs. Micromax TVs start from 12K with great features to offer.

7. Mi TV

Xiaomi is a brand one can easily trust. Be it their smartwatches, electric razors, or phones, this brand has produced excellent products with great performances. Xiaomi has gained immense popularity for its LEC TVs as well. Mi LED TVs are available with all the features and specifications that other top brands like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have to offer at the best prices. Mi TVs range somewhere between 15k to 65k.

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