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These Are 8 Lesser Known Facts About Ola

| Published on June 17, 2020

Every startup has a story to tell. While we always know how the companies are doing in the current time we kind of forget about the facts & struggles that went into making the company a success.

Today we bring you 08 such lesser-known facts about Ola that you may have not known earlier.

1. Unicorn Club

Ola is the Indian startup that joined the Unicorn Club in the shortest period of time.

2. Initial Business Plan

Started by the IITian duo Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, the business model was of an off trip company that provided weekend trips to the customers

ओला ने 100 शहरों में शुरू की कैब सर्विस, बुकिंग शुरू

3. First Office Space

The company was established in a small 10*12 feet room in Mumbai by the founders and has grown tremendously since then.

4. Zero Cars

Bhavish, the CEO of the company, had pledged along with his wife to never own a car and they have kept the promise to date. What could be a better way to show loyalty towards your own business concept?

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5. Logo

Ola’s initial logo was not so minimalistic that it is today. The logo read ‘ Ola Cabs –  Book Cabs and Car Rentals Online!’.

6. Fleet Of Cabs

Last updated in 2018, the total number of cabs on the Ola platform was 450,000. Over the years the number of cabs and drivers has increased substantially. As of Feb’20, the number of drivers enlisted on the platform is 1.5 million. This should give an idea of how big a fleet the company has.

7. Religion Is Not A Criteria

While hiring, the company never asks about the religion of the drivers and the customers don’t really have the right to ask about the driver’s religion as well.

8. Distance Covered

As reported by Business Today, Ola clocked 6 billion km of distance in 2019. The break-up of distance covered by various modes of travel options offered by the company revealed Ola Outstation covered 366 million km across 10,000 destinations in the country, while Ola Bike covered a total of 166 million km and Ola Autos covered another 1200 million km. The company’s top bike-partner traveled 38,289 km.

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